Intro Fiction Writing: How To Create Stories Out Of Thin Air ​People Will Eat Up Even If Your Have Never Written Anything But
A Grocery List Before

Have you ever wondered why some books, stories or blog posts just pull you in? 

How some stories and characters feels incredibly real, to the point that you cry when they hurt, cheer when they win, or argue who should play them in the made for TV series? 

Here’s an insider secret. 

Writers have tricks. 

Those are the tricks that separate a professional writer selling millions of books from your neighbor who has 3 day jobs and keeps getting rejection letters for years on end.

And you, dear new writer, can learn those tricks even if you have never written untying but a grocery list before. 

Even if you are unorganized and have the punctuation of an eighth grader, you can crate fun and inspiring short stories and novels that readers love and have a blast doing it.

Here’s another secret- fiction is FUN to create!

There are no rules to your imagination.

It’s all you and your imagination, thinking up delicious ways to mess with people’s minds while sending your creations on adventures. 

You create the characters whose hearts are bigger than their circumstances (and sometimes their brains.)
You design the beautiful lands where maidens run free and cyborg dragons recite poetry. 
You conjure mysteries and lay down clues where only you know who the killer is. 

There are lots of ways to learn about writing, but would you rather take a $9 class on Udemy with no feedback or have a live support group? 

Would you rather spend tens of thousands on a book coach for one novel or invest in your skills that apply to all types of writing so you can create as many books as you like? 

Would you rather stumble around on the internet looking at forums from wannabe writers or get the personal input from a  bestselling author? 

If you are over wasting time and money trying to get your writing together or even STARTED,  Intro To Fiction Writing is the answer. 

Whether you want to write short stories or a full novel, the writing tricks you will learn in this course are the fastest and easiest way to learn to write effortless, engaging and relatable fiction. 

In this 10 week online course, you will learn how the pros turn a great idea into a solid piece of writing, one that gets you raving fans instead of rejection letters. 

You’ll learn how to create characters fans adore and make them want to buy every book in series. 
You’ll learn the 5 important points in any story that are essential to great plots. 
You’ll learn how to create settings that feel real, even if you have never been to that exotic locale. 
You’ll learn how to craft your own voice so that you create  following for your writing, no matter what style you choose, your fans will follow. 

It’s all in this 10 weeks online course,
weekly live trainings with Q & A, recorded, with lifetime access. 

Let’s fast forward a bit. Imagine your story in the hands of a reader. She can’t put it down after picking it off the shelf. She walks to the counter of the bookstore, mumbles to the clerk and hands over her card. She nods as she is given her receipt, fingers turning the pages as she heads out the door. 
Never once has she looked up. Not when she walked out the door, and not when she crossed to her car, where she sat until she finished the end of the chapter. 

That’s compelling fiction. And the tricks to making it happen are all here in
Intro Fiction Writing

Limited to 8 spots. We begin July 21, 2019. 
Early Action Bonus: The first 2 people to register receive a half hour private session with me AND my 5 Writing Hacks to INSTANTLY elevate your writing to pro status!


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