Are you ready to make some magic?  
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So many people I run into tell me they would love to make their children’s book idea a reality, but they either can’t make the art, get stuck in how to make the actual book, or go crazy dealing with Amazon or finding a publisher.  

Can you relate? 

If so, I invite you to join Your Children’s Book – The Easy Way! a 30 day online class to dream, plan, create, design and publish your children’s book from start to finish with support!  
Create WONDER 
INSPIRE children  
Make an IMPACT 
SHARE your knowledge 
Imagine not worrying about: 
How to make the ART 
Where the TEXT goes 
What SIZE the pages are (or how many) 
If the STORY is good enough 

Not to mention what you are going to DO WITH IT ONCE YOU ARE DONE! 

Teach children how to DREAM, be WELL, and to ACT IN INTEGRITY with your message in book form.  

Books impact children deeply, and this is a great opportunity
to instill values FOR LIFE.  

(Just think of your favorite books and how they shaped your life. Olivia, Where the Wild Things Are, Dragons Love Tacos, Goodnight Moon, just to name a few... you can see them in your mind and they make you smile, don’t they?!) 

Children’s books have a special place in my heart as an author and as an artist. As a child, I was always dreaming of lands full of fairy queens, flying horses and enchanted forests. Books took me into that world, and part of me has never left. To this day, I cruise the children’s section of the bookstore and delight in the bright colors, imagination and idealism of the books I find there.  

I was a hobby artist, painting for fun. I started out as an artist selling paintings of penguins, horses, dogs and butterflies. I then started combining my art with my writing to create 8 children’s books (mostly based on the adventures of my own animals).   

Somewhat hilariously, some of my first adventures with children’s books involved scissors and tape! (Not recommended!) Now, they are an easy 1-2-3-4 process that takes guessing out of creating books you are proud of and excited to share- whether with your family of the world! 

There’s WAY easier ways to make the vision inside your head a reality.  

You don’t have to be tach savvy. You don’t need years. And you don’t even have to be an artist! 

You can make an amazing, fun, touching and thoughtful book by using the techniques I will teach you in this course- EASILY! 
In addition to my experience as an artist and author, I also grew up in the publishing industry. I have helped 100s of writers create work for publication. I know what sells, what wins awards, and what audiences cherish.  

Dream Plan Design Create Your Children’s Book The Easy Way! Includes 
• 4 week online class in FB 

• 4 module breakdown for actions in each PHASE 

Plan- finding ideas, format, titles, style, mood, format, moral, text placement, age groups, size, designing characters, storylines,  

Design- storyboarding, art apps, hiring illustrators, DIY easy art, using Word, look and feel, being consistent and professional, the HOW 

Create- page by page, where to place text, putting it all together, cover art, back cover, letting your WHY drive your book, how to think like your age group 

Publish- author bio, author page, Kindle Kid’s book creator, finding agents, what publishers/agents/editors look for, upload and launch YOUR COMPLETE BOOK! 
• Live weekly trainings with question and answers about YOUR BOOK 
• Downloadable action guides for each phase 
• Bonus LIVE interview with questions with one of my favorite bestselling illustrators to help you have a great illustrator relationship (or BE a great one to hire!) 
• Bonus Industry Standard Storyboard Template I use myself to create books that tell a great story 

“We made the front page of our paper in the Brazos Life section!” (their first week) The WWG books authors Stacey and Donna Richardson  
“I wouldn’t recommend this” is on amazon.Yippeee" - Robert Jake Jacob, Cannery Pier Hotel Owner and author  
“She is an amazing coach and she can help you pull things out of yourself that you never knew you had. She has an amazing way of helping you move through your process.” - Reverend Eileen Lock, One Hear Ministries 
I invite you to imagine what’s available for you when you write a children’s book... 
What would it be like to wake up each morning and feel you made a difference in a child’s life?  
What it would mean to influence the next generation of children to act with love and integrity?  
To achieve published status quickly and with ease? 
To see your idea come to life with joy and charming art?  
To no longer struggle with the tech/format/process and instead focus on creating and fun? 
It’s easy to create your vision when you have all the tools and support that you need. 
Are you ready to start making a difference with your children’s book today?  
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So excited for your to join us on this journey! 

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