In 2017, I was fortunate enough to participate in Martha Beck's Write Into Light class.

I was so excited about the work I saw created around me, I offered to publish the book and host it on my site for free distribution.

It's an astonishingly good collection of work.

Please feel free to downlaod it and share this work with others. - D





In Unison

An Anthology

Inspired by their participation in a writing course led by acclaimed author Martha Beck in 2017, 138 individuals from around the world came together to assemble an anthology of their work—searingly personal and soaringly universal—that, as a whole, offers a rich portrait of the lived human experience. Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison is a diary of empowerment, a guidebook to overcoming strife, an ode to the overlooked, and more than anything else, a friend to any reader in need.

Arranged into stages of Awakening, Becoming, and Connecting, the voices united here discover and embrace their truest identities, embody the courage needed to help buoy us through life’s hurdles, and celebrate the communality of being. As the title suggests, this collection traces the transformation from the individuality of “myself” to the shared reciprocity of “ourself,” proposing an ideal of oneness and the paradigm shift necessary to attaining it. At times heart wrenching, hilarious, and lyrically sublime, Song of Ourself stands as a testament to the power of words to effect personal, interpersonal, and collective change.