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      Take one more step. Dare to dream on.    

-Journey of Angels
Hi, I'm Danielle!
My Story

Hi! I'm Danielle Fournier. I am a bestselling author, artist and mentor to passionate creatives.

Through energy work, business skills, techinical knowledge and a whole lot of support, I help cllients plan and execute films, books, music projects and gallery shows.  

I love to travel and have visited over 40 countries after conquering debilitating anxiety through writing and art. 

Although I live in the Pacific Northwest, Maui is my second home. I love the island, it's people, culture and waters. (I even took up hula!)
Sharing this place with you as you develop as a writer is an honor. 


Giving back is the greatest gift. In each client I help bring their vision to light, I get to pass on the love that was given to me. I wouldn't have gotten here without the guidance of amazing teachers. Now I get to continue that lineage. It amazes me every day. Check out offerings here  Work With Me
Painter, illustrator, sculptor, singer, dancer, actor. Check out my IG feed for what's currently happening in my studio. 
Author of six books, three blogs, eight plays, a screenplay and numerous essays on philosophy, travel, family and spritual growth. And a bodacious screenwriting MFA from Full Sail University.
Photography & Design
Over 25 years experience with a camera as a newspaper, equine, portrait, and freelance photographer. Over ten years experience in advertising, marketing and graphic design.

No one is immune to problems. 

How we choose to view our problems shapes our life. 

My mission is to help others by sharing the beauty they see in this world through writing, painting, music and creative exploration.

By focusing on the truth that only love is real, everyone can experience bliss, right now. 

There has never been a more important moment than NOW to experience and teach peace.

For you. For myself. For the planet. 

We are all related. 

NOW is the time to express your vision for the future.

For yourself and for the world.

Bless you. 
Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi