4 Week Online Class

How To Plan Your Kick Ass Novel In 4 Easy Steps! 

 You have an idea.  
You have one HELL of an idea.  
This could be your BIG idea that sells millions of books, makes you famous and outs your name on the map. 
This is the one your grandmother said you’d write. 


Your book is hot mess! 

You have NO idea how: 

 • You are going to get from A to B and definitely
not to C. 
• How the dragon will save the day. 

• How to make all of your characters interesting, whether villain or saint. 

• How to keep a reader hooked through your book and looking for the next in th series. 
• How to create a believable world in less than 100 pages of setting (yawn). 

Great news, aspiring writer. 

Great books don’t just happen. Behind every novel there is a framework. 

Story telling is as old as time, and great writers do it seamlessly. 

They are using techniques to create characters you love and hate.  

They are using known points of plot twists, action and conflict. 

They are winding storylines together from page one and twisting them with glee until they hit the last page.  

You can learn how to tell a great story and SURPRISE. It’s EASY. 

The framework for a great novel is simple. It’s only 4 steps. 

It’s Plot + Conflict + Characters + World Building.  

The trick is to know when to use what and where to make your book shine.  
Whether you are writing a fantasy thriller with super literate orcs, a romantic romp in 18th century Paris or a modern day young adult adventure, this framework helps you create a novel that never gets dull. 

Hi, I’m Danielle Fournier. I’m an author and publisher who teaches aspiring writers to create great books so they can get published. I have over 20 years in the business, multiple published books, plays, essays and a degree in Screenwriting to boot. You could say I’m in love with ink and paper- and you’d be right! 
To date, I have helped over 138 authors write their books, publish and sell them, both independently and to traditional publishers. As a third generation publisher, it’s my honor to continue my family lineage of getting writers into a career they love.  

You too, can get your book published. 
But you have to write it first! 

And a good one at that.  

In this 4 week course, you will learn: 
• How to create a plot that keeps the energy up and the action happening without sacrificing quality or dialogue. 

• When to create conflict and when to relieve is so your reader doesn’t suffer from PTSD by the end of your book. 

• What makes characters believable and relatable and why they are the most important component of your book. 

• How to immerse your reader in the setting without bogging them down in facts or sounding like a tour guide. 

You will have a crystal clear, executable plan of how your novel unfolds, where it heats up, where you can breathe and how to take your reader on one hell of a ride without relying on contrived BS that readers can smell from a mile away.  

In a nut shell, here’s what you get in the course: 

4 Modules In Private Facebook Group

4x Weekly Trainings 

Weekly Live Coaching calls with Q and A 

No Plot? No Problem! Workbook + Template 

Module 1- What's Going On Here??? Plot demystified. 

Module 2- What's My Line? Characters and Dialogue that enchant and repel 

Module 3- Where We At??? Creating setting without boring your reader to tears. 

Module 4 – OMG, what just happened? Using conflict wisely to advance, not derail your plot. 

Early Bird Gets The Bonus:  
The first 4 people in get a bonus special call the first week to pick my brain PLUS get entered into a drawing for a 1 hour private sessions with me after the class. ($250 value) 

Investment $397 or 5 weekly payments of $97

Class Starts September 23, 2019!!! 

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Enroll Here
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