Erotica Writing Workshop  

Desire and Sensuality Are Your
Writing Superpowers 

Are you ready to tap into them? 

   Erotica is SOOO much more than 50 Shades Of Grey. 

   Learning to write sensually engages your power of desire,  
which unleashes a world of possibilities on and off the page.

   It taps you into your powerful imagination to explore your desires and those of others.  


   Are you ready to explore the sexier side of your imagination while playing with sensuality?  


Yes, if: 

  • Your connection to self is GOOD, but you are ready for the whole new level power that taps into the power of your soul to OVERFLOW with molten sensuality. 

   • You want to create CONNECTION in and out of the bedroom, even in the boardroom. You see sensuality everywhere and it turns you on. 

  • You want to tap more easily into FLOW to create and manifest EVERYTHING more easily by activating your powers of possibility and rockets of desire. 

  • You love telling a story that TEASES, somewhat mercilessly, and you love the thrill of slowly releasing and building a scene. 

  • You LOVE SEX and think sexuality, sensuality, play and imagination should ALWAYS come together. 

   • You are dying to write some sizzlin’, fun text that EXPLORES your ideas on sensuality, sex, relationships. 

Welcome to
The Erotica Writing Workshop LIVE

   In this interactive course, you will learn to write from a point of sensuality, tapping into people’s (and your own) deepest needs and hidden desires.  

   Explore your dreams and fantasies on the page. Live out some vicarious ideas without the complications. Tell the romance of your dreams.  

It’s all available here.  

   Whether you are simply curious or a closet erotica writer,

this course will deepen your connection to your desire and sensuality as you play with exercises

that lead you to creating a short story by the end

of the class, if you desire (see note below about the publishing bonus) . 

The Package: 
• 5 Weeks of fun, sensual writing play and community to write erotic fiction.  

• 5 Modules That Teach You How To Write Smokin’ Hot Literature 
(lessons, exercises, trainings in each module) 

• Weekly live Q and A where you can ask me questions about the lessons 

• Ability to post your work for review and have feedback 

• Private Facebook Community where everything goes down and you can interact with the supportive and fun community.  

Module 1 Erotica Is All Around You 
In this module you will learn the essence of seeing and writing sensually through seeing the landscape through an erotic writer’s eyes while developing a sense of play.  

Module 2 Creating Mood In Your Story 
How to set a scene that sizzles as it unfolds. Create a tease and have the audience hold their breath as they beg for more. How much is too much, too little?  

Module 3 Motivation and Taking It Slow 
From humor to hostages, how your characters act is key to propelling your plot while keeping the heat turned up on your incredibly sexy characters.  

Module 4 Genre and Letting Your Imagination Go Wild 
From a tickle to a tease to fanning a full-on flame of lust, erotica comes in all shapes, sizes, genders and types. This week we explore a few different styles so you can get a taste of each genre.  

Module 5 The Business Of Selling Your Erotica 
How to apply the rues of good fiction plotting while staying steamy. What publishers are looking for in your work and how to go it solo if you desire to self-publish.  

   This class is going to be live and in real time. This means that the class has great, smokin’ content AND I will be adding in more content BESPOKE to the group. 

This class will open you up to SO MANY possibilities that exist within your seductive and playful mind.

Don’t miss out!  We begin October 19
Registration closes October 16 at MIDNIGHT

Investment is $217  

This class will fill, please get in early.
Limit 10 people.
Couples welcome and encouraged.
Next time I offer this, the price will go up at least $100.  

PRIVATE class available $527

BONUS 1: (limited): The first 5 people in have the option to have their work PUBLISHED in a short story/ poetry collection by my press FOR FREE. ($500 value) 

BONUS 2: (time sensitive): an extra week of support via Voxer for your story/questions for the first 3 enrolled ($250 value) 

BONUS 3: Live Q and A with a burlesque dancer about the art of slow seduction. ($150)   

BONUS 4: Live Q and A with an amazing Sex Empowerment Teacher who is hilarious and POWERFUL ($200 value) 

Questions? Email me here! 

Terms and conditions. All sales final. Due to the digital and consumable nature of these products, there is a no refunds, no returns policy on all course purchases. Thank you.