Unleash Your Creativity By Mastering Your  Craft

Photography I : Unleash Your Creativity With Old School Basics  

Intro To Photography and a Short History of Film (and why it’s still super cool) 

Week 1 Camera Controls 
Finally understand what all those letters mean and how to master them to maximize the abilities of your camera.
Week 2 Composition I and II 
What makes a good photo? Find out how you can use some tried and true simple rules to improving your shot quality instantly for every subject. 
Week 3 Depth of Field/ Motion 
What you include in your photo is as important as what you leave out. Learn to choose when to include background and when to eliminate with your camera’s settings. Second unit will focus on panning and blur as techniques for interest.  

Week 4 Contrast and Saturation 
Learn how to edit and emphasize color for impact, as well as how to control the levels of blacks and whites that dramatically influence the quality of your pictures.  
Week 5 Lighting  
Learn the basics of lighting, indoors and out using household lamps, homemade reflectors and bed sheets. Not kidding!  

Week 6 Editing/Printing  
How to fix boo-boos, what you CAN’T fix in post and what a great, balanced shot looks like.  

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Develop a working knowledge of one’s own camera, it’s capabilities and to learn to maximize these tools while creating images that are impactful that convey your intentions as an photographer.

No experience necessary. Limited to 10 students.

We will be covering in these units: 
Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Color Saturation, Contrast, Macro, Grain, ISO, Creating Great Colors, Portraits and Pets, Sports Photography, Lighting Basics, and Landscapes

Course Details:
6 Weeks Online In Facebook Group
2 Classes Each Week
Go At Your Own Pace Or Join LIVE
Weekly Crtitique (optional but FUN!)
Weekly Assignments (not graded)
Post Questions In The Group
Lifetime Access To Lessons
Downloadable Weekly Lessons
BONUS 2 Guest Instructors (my famous expert friends!)

Voluntary Weekly Critique • Although I will be encouraging you to share your work in the course with the class, there will be a special opportunity to get LIVE feedback at the end of each week with me moderating. This is a formal art school method, and please do not be worried. We discuss what works, and what does not- but how to improve is most important.

It’s a great way for the class to learn from each other. (This is NOT a chance to rip on someone’s vision. If you can’t offer concrete, class relevant feedback, please refrain from commenting.)
Required Equipment: digital SLR (preferred) or point and shoot camera.

COST: $249 
Begins August 8, 2019
YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Danielle Fournier has over 30 years experience in photography. Her first job in the family newspaper business was as assistant to the head news photographer at 16, where she learned to shoot, develop and print black and white photographs for the paper. She then operated her own business in Bend, OR as a freelancer for weddings, sports events, portraits and pets. She was the official photographer for many Zone 9 USEF horse shows, Lighter Than Air America who flies Coke, Kellogg’s and Disney balloons, day check assistant on Ten Things I Hate About You, and has been featured in numerous Washington wine tourist guides, newspapers, and magazines as an editorial photographer.  Her latest bestselling book, the World Needs Your Art
is available at Barnes and Noble. 

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