DOES the idea
of scaling your business to 6 or
even 7 figures

Or does it feel overwhelming?

Fear not, it’s easier than you think!

(I had my first 12k month the month my book came out.)

Your current coaching practice is full of gold waiting to be discovered and shared.

You already HAVE a ton of content for your book that you are living every day.

Writing your book is about getting your knowledge out of you and into a scalable form.

1 to 1 book coaching is for coaches, healers and thought leaders who want to scale their business to 6 and 7 figures by writing a quality book in 90 days.

Writing a book increases your audience, your influence and clearly delineates your knowledge to your prospective audience.

If you’re currently confused about how to plan and write your book, this is how we take your idea and create a book from it.

1. We look at your current coaching practices, offers methods and techniques.
2. We consider your ideal clients and readers that would be a perfect fit.
3. We design 12 to 20 chapters based on walking them through your method while getting to know, like and trust you.
4. We meet weekly and discuss your writing submission, problem solve, cheer! and make plans for the next week.
It’s that simple. (And actually a blast when you have a plan and support!)

I have four spots open per quarter for 1 on 1 book coaching. 3 months. $7k pay in full. $2500 a month installment payments.

Take advantage of my experience with over three decades of publishing experience, a third generation publisher, over 1500 awards to my name and 138 authors published.

We don’t mess around while creating your dream.

We make it happen in a state of joy and wonder- because that’s how the work of your soul is supposed to be.

Blessings, D ♥️ 

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Just Need A Little Help? 

Need an outline?
Have questions you want to ask?
Want to know how to get unstuvk on a section of your book?

I have a special service just for you.

It's the spend as you please
Messenger/Voxer package for $500.

90 minutes of messaging support where you get the answers you need- fast!

You can pick my brain about whatever part of your writing you need help with.
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