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Starts Aug 25, 2018


Let's DO this


The World Needs Your Art

HI! I'm Danielle Fournier.

I'm a working artist, bestselling author and media consultant to writers who want more than scraping by and meager rewards.

I'm also the bestselling author of The World Needs Your Art.  

My mission is to share the beauty of this world while empowering other creatives to live the life and career they know they are capable of. I have helped hundreds of artists get over their blocks and claim the creative life they deserve- on their own terms.

Every creative deserves a chance at true bliss, deep joy and to pursue the success they know is available.

And the ones who show up GET IT.

Be one of those who show up.

Dive in.

Because The World Needs Your Art.

And so do you. 

Ways To Work With Me

​xo Danielle

Dear beautiful,

I have been waiting for you.

Do you know you are special?

Do you know you are gifted?

Do you know that you are here on a mission of love?

No, not everyone is like you.

I know that's been hard at times. 

I'm here to tell you that is what makes you so special.

Your gifts are real.

Your dreams are real.

You can make it all happen.

You are an angel here on earth to make beautiful things, to bring joy, and to be the light.

Can an artist be a healer? 

Of course.

You are love in action.

Make what you need to make.

Say what you need to say.

Do what you came here to do. 

​Get clear amd get moving.

I believe in you.

Let's begin